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If all breeders, exhibitors, handlers, dog judges – and, by and large, everyone closely or remotely involved in the FCI’s dog shows and championships – know the exact denomination of our large federation, and even have knowledge of the city and country that are home to its global headquarters, not so long ago, not many inhabitants of Thuin and its neighbouring localities knew about the FCI and its corporate name. But things have changed a lot! The most significant burst in our local promotion scheme took place with the celebration of our Centenary in 2011, when our city was elevated to the status of Thuin, World Capital of Dogs. The latest large-scale campaign was conducted on the occasion of the inauguration of the new extension to our offices in 2015.

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Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing & Public Relations Manager
21-25 September 2016: 22nd IRO Rescue Dogs World Championship in Turin

Teams from all over the world arrived – black ribbon for earthquake victims in Italy.

Little by little, the participants of the IRO Rescue Dogs World Championship arrived in Turin. Including many rescue dog teams which were only recently in use in central Italy in Amatrice and the surrounding area, after the earthquake. They were not competing in the competition at the World Championship. That would have given the wrong message. They were present to be honoured.

The Japanese were also there for the World Championship, after an interim stop a few days earlier, with the rescue dog professionals of the Vienna fire brigade, to acclimatise the dogs after the long flight, and to train a little more.

Hidehiro Murase had already participated in the IRO World Championship 15 times, and became Vice World Champion for rubble work in 2015. His son Shimpei, also with an Alsatian like his dad, was also competing again, and hoping for a great result.

At the same time as the Japanese, the President of the IRO, Markus Bock also flew to Turin. He said: “Great! The whole of Europe. Teams from Asia. The whole world. That is really a World Championship!

With some teams still on their way, all supposed to be arriving up until the magnificent opening ceremony, the first ones to arrive were already undergoing the obligatory veterinary checks. All the checks were ok.

What were the vets Dr Giovanna Barranca and Dr Andrea Galimberti checking?


Of course chip checks, to see whether the dog is registered. Various vaccinations. Health. Heart. Circulation. Fitness. Only really healthy dogs are allowed to compete in the IRO World Championship.

19 teams from Austria were taking part in the World Championship, 18 from Germany, 13 from Slovenia, and 11 from Hungary. The other teams came from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, France, Ukraine etc.


Peter Schüler, Austria – Malinois: Dora vom Lothar Sturm: 275 points
Christa Steinborn, Germany – Deutscher Schäferhund: Djuma: 273 points
Liia Rikkinen, Finland – Malinois: Blaze Cobra: 247 points

Dagmar Banarova, Slovakia – Englischer Springer Spaniel: Chester: 293 points
Jenniefer Ericsson, Sweden – Border Collie: Kronvallarens Troja: 286 points
Sebastijan Strasek, Slovenia – Labrador Retriever: Thor: 286 points

Anne-Charlotte Bengtsson, Sweden – Golden Retriever: Vassruggens: 288 points
Dr Isabella Kühn, Germany – Border Collie: Spark: 281 points
Sara Smerdel, Slovenia – Labrador Retriever: Kornay: 279 points

Sweden – SBK
Hungary – KEA

The International Rescue Dog Organisation (IRO) was founded in1993 as a worldwide umbrella organisation of the national rescue dog’s organisations, with the aim of maintaining and protecting people’s health using trained dogs. The IRO is a registered charitable association, whose board of directors consists of an international team. The umbrella organisation is based in Austria (Salzburg). Members of the IRO are national rescue dog organisations – currently 116 organisations from 41 countries in the world on all continents.


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