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If all breeders, exhibitors, handlers, dog judges – and, by and large, everyone closely or remotely involved in the FCI’s dog shows and championships – know the exact denomination of our large federation, and even have knowledge of the city and country that are home to its global headquarters, not so long ago, not many inhabitants of Thuin and its neighbouring localities knew about the FCI and its corporate name. But things have changed a lot! The most significant burst in our local promotion scheme took place with the celebration of our Centenary in 2011, when our city was elevated to the status of Thuin, World Capital of Dogs. The latest large-scale campaign was conducted on the occasion of the inauguration of the new extension to our offices in 2015.

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Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing & Public Relations Manager

1st edition of the FCI cynothon, Montigny-le-Tilleul (BE), September 25th, 2016

TV report (Télésambre)

Article in L’Avenir


3 х FCI-CACIB «GOLDEN PEKTORALE 2016», «GOLD OF SCYTHIANS 2016», «SOPHIA OF KYIV 2016» September 2-3-4, 2016

Ukrainian Kennel Union held the international dog shows of all breeds «Golden Pektorale 2016», «Gold of Scythians 2016» and «Sophia of Kyiv 2016» in the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv on September 2-3-4, 2016. The beauty of more than 4 thousand dogs, of more than 200 breeds, were examined in 24 rings by well-known dog show judges.

These dog shows were the part of a kind of rehearsal of the «European Dog Show 2017» which will be hosted by Ukrainian Kennel Union in Kyiv in 2017, on the same last weekend of August.



FCI-CACIB “SOPHIA OF KYIV 2016”, 4 September

Croatia, Osijek, 10-11 September, 2016

Japan, Saitama, 2 October

Spain, Toledo, 8-9 October